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How To Use Your Android Smartphone as Keyboard and Mouse to Type and Control Your PC/Laptop

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Instead of buying a separate mouse and a keyboard you can use your Android device to do those stuffs. Laptops have been so convenient to use than the Desktops. Even then, many feel that typing is a grater work in laptop and it isn’t that easy to do as in the desktops. So, people tend to but separate USB cabled mouse and keyboard. I do use it that way.

Android tends to be the predominant OS in the mobile devices. There are many people using the Android mobile phones and the number of the users are dominating the other OS users. And the trick that we see today is to use the Android device as both the mouse and the keyboard.

There are so many advantages over this trick as you can make use of your Android OS to perform various tasks of the mouse and the keyboard even from a distance.  


If your computer is made from Intel, then this could do wonders for you. Just follow the steps below and make it done.

1. Download Intel Remote Keyboard for your Android Mobile.

2. Also download and install the Intel Remote Keyboard Host for your Windows PC.

3. Your Android device and your Windows PC must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

4. Tap the Windows device name, on your Android phone.


5. Now, a large QR code will be displayed on your Windows PC. Scan it with your Android phone’s camera.

6. The two devices will now be paired.


1. The keyboard can be used in either the landscape mode or the portrait mode.


2. The keyboard of Intel is similar to that of the Android Keyboard. It has a Windows button, Esc button and 4 arrow keys.



1. It is difficult to control volume of the PC with the Intel Keyboard. 


The below picture will explain on the steps to use the Android device as a mouse.


Thus the task of typing is now made easier and even simpler with these trick to make your android device to do the function of the keyboard and the mouse.

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